Nasi Goreng with Prawn

timeshort skillhi budgetmed

In Indonesia, fried rice is usually sold by hawkers and they would use chicken. Prawn fried rice is reserved only in restaurants and hotels and this is more so because of food safety, prawns don’t deteriorates fast and they just don’t last inside unrefrigerated hawker vendor’s shelf, but it is a great addition to Indonesian fried rice


Essential components:
• Cooked rice
• Eggs, beaten
• Prawns, cleaned
• Chilli pepper, deseeded, sliced thinly
• Spring onion, sliced thinly
• Chinese mustard chopped to small cuts (or any other Asian green)

Other components:
• Salt and pepper
• Sweet soy sauce/kecap manis
• Oil

• In a hot wok, add oil and the egg, scramble and cook lightly and set aside
• Add a little more oil and add the spring onion and chili slices, cook briefly
• Add the prawns (and salt) and cook, once it starts to change colour, add the rice and season with salt, pepper, and sweet soy sauce
• Return the egg and add the greens, mix and cook until done, make sure that there are no lumps
• Serve with fried shallots

Tips and thoughts:
• Using cold rice would make it easier to handle
• You can separate the rice grain before you add it to the wok and it will make it easier to cook



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