Braised Chinese Cabbage

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Wombok, also known as the Chinese cabbage is mostly known as the main ingredient in Kimchi. It is such an interesting vegetable, both hardy and delicate. It can withstand cooking significantly more than other leafy vegetables, it can absorb a lot of flavour, and yet, it has its own sweetness that shouldn’t be overpowered for it to shine. The application below is one of the most basic way to enjoy the vegetable. You can easily expand this dish by adding more ingredients, but sometimes, focusing on one or two ingredients alone can be a wonderful thing.


Essential components:
• Wombok/Chinese cabbage- cut into bite size
• Garlic, smashed

• Oyster sauce (or mushroom sauce for those who want to keep this vegetarian friendly)
• Soy sauce
• Sugar
• Salt and pepper
• Corn starch (mixed with water to thicken the sauce)

• Oil for frying
• Sesame seed and oil for topping

• Drizzle oil in a hot wide pan, then add the cabbage, stir fry the cabbage until some of them are lightly browned
• Add oyster sauce, soy sauce, a pinch of sugar, and pepper – hold back on the salt because the oyster sauce and soy sauce contain a lot of sodium already
• Add hot water until the cabbage is almost submerged, mix everything, let simmer and close the pan
• Let cook for about 3-4 minutes, uncover the pan and add the corn starch mixture- you want the sauce to be slightly viscous- taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary
• Serve with sesame seeds and few drops of sesame oil




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