Pantry Check – Sugar

In this era of sugar substitutes, I consider good old sugar as a staple in my pantry. When I first arrived in Australia, I was a little bit taken aback when I found out that most people wouldn’t even consider adding any sugar into savoury applications. It is such a powerful ingredient to balance the flavour in your food. Adding a pinch of sugar counters saltiness so well in a lot of applications, I always have several kinds:

Regular sugar
The all rounder, you can use it for almost everything, but also put it in food processor and you’ll get a superfine/caster sugar. You can also turn it into confectionery sugar by adding a bit of corn starch in it

Raw sugar
I use this similarly like regular sugar, it is also the closest thing to be a natural sugar

Brown sugar
This is regular white sugar with molasses added, I usually keep brown and dark brown, mostly for baking and dessert

Palm sugar
For Asian dessert, even though brown sugar makes a good and more convenient alternative


Try this teriyaki chicken, a classic Japanese way to balance saltiness with the sweetness of sugar.

(Photo credit: Sadik Kucukdaban)

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