Pantry check – Canned Fish

I’ve talked about stocking up my pantry with canned tuna, but thinking about it, tuna isn’t the only canned fish I have in the cupboard. Here’s my list:

• Canned tuna chunks in brine
Well we’ve already talked about this so I won’t  get to it again (read it here).

• Canned sardine in oil
I only go for brisling sardines, anything else is too fishy for me. Work well in pasta or on pizza, they also make good tapenade (read it here).

• Canned sardine in tomato sauce
I love canned sardine in tomato sauce. I don’t use them right out of the can though, I would empty the content into a pot and rebuild the tomato sauce with more tomato products (diced tomato, puree/paste, ketchup), sugar, salt, chilli powder, pepper, vinegar or lime/lemon juice.

• Canned salmon
I stop buying canned salmon, I found them to be too fishy and they’re just generally disappointing.

• Miscellaneous canned fish
I have a small amount of Asian style canned fish products. These includes fish cooked in black bean, fried fish in chilli sauce and few more. I use them on those lazy days as companion to eat with plain rice or instant noodle. Like the canned sardine with tomato sauce, you can ‘expand’ them by adding ingredients and making them its own dish.

(Photo credit: Tellici)

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