Vietnamese Iced Coffee

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Vietnamese iced coffee is one of the best coffee drink you will ever taste. It is deceptively simple to make and refreshing especially on hot weather. I am using the specialized Vietnamese coffee filter but you can just use a regular filter. Vietnamese coffee filter is really cheap and it is an investment worth making.


Essential components:
• Vietnamese ground coffee- or use regular coffee bean ground coarsely
• Sweet condensed milk
• Ice cubes

• Add condensed milk into your glass
• Place the filter with the coffee (I used 1 heaping tablespoon) on top of the glass, place the weight and fill the filter quarterfull with hot water, this step is only to wet the coffee
• Once the water filtered through, fill the filter with hot water and wait until all the brewing is done (usually takes about 3-4 minutes)
• Using a spoon, stir the condensed milk and coffee together and taste- add more condensed milk if necessary, it should taste really strong at this stage
• Add ice cubes and serve

Tips and thoughts:
• Do not add the ice early or the condensed milk will stick to it and you will have a lot of trouble trying to blend it into the coffee afterwards



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