Mixed Mushroom Stirfry

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I love mushrooms, they are often the supporting element in many dishes, but as main ingredient they are more than capable to perform. The key to cook this dish is to cook out most of the water in the mushrooms, other than that, it is just a simple stir fry.


Essential components:
• Button mushroom, sliced
• Oyster mushroom, cut into bite size pieces
• Enoki mushroom, root end removed
• Chili, sliced (remove the seeds if you don’t want it to be too spicy)

From the pantry:
• Salt, pepper, sugar
• Soy sauce
• Oil

• In a hot wok/pan, add oil and add the button and oyster mushroom, add some salt
• Cook the mushrooms for a few minutes so most of the liquid in them evaporated- you will see them shrink quite a bit
• Add the sliced chili and enoki mushroom, mix well
• Add sugar, soy sauce, and pepper. Cook until the enoki mushrooms are done



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