The Real Australian Food

Today, we are looking at dim sim, a snack that can be found in Australia. No, this is not a typo, this is not dim sum, a style of food in Chinese cuisine. A dim sim is meat mixture wrapped in a wonton wrapper, then steamed or deep fried, served with soy sauce. Sounds familiar? That’s because it is basically a description of a typical dish in a dim sum/yum cha. Observe the picture below, you can see the resemblance of dim sim to a shumai.


What interest me however, is that for a lot of Australian, they believe that dim sim is a food of Chinese origin, when it’s basically completely non existant outside of Australia. The meat mixture it dense and boldly flavoured, almost like a sausage roll. The history of dim sim itself if well documented, a Chinese chef in Melbourne created dim sim using available ingredients in Australia, which makes dim sim an Australian original fusion food.

So Australian, be proud of your invention, stop claming fish and chips and pavlova to be Australian invention and go with dim sim instead!

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