Not Russian Salad

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Unlike Russian Salad, this version does not use potato and we are using pasta instead, so it is really a pasta salad with Russian salad flavour profile.


Essential components:
• Dried pasta
• Frankfurters
• Frozen peas, thawed, lightly steamed
• Diced carrots, steamed
• Dill pickle and dill pickle water

From the pantry:
• Salt, black pepper
• Paprika
• Mayonaisse

• Cook the frankfurters and pasta together in salted water until the pasta is al dente, drain and set aside
• Cut the franks into small slices
• Mix the pasta, franks, peas, and carrots
• In a separate bowl, mix the sauce: mayo, pepper, sliced dill pickle, paprika, and a little bit of dill pickle water
• Combine the pasta and the sauce, top with more cracked pepper


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