The Two Sides of Avocado

When I first arrived in Australia in 1999, there isn’t a lot of thing that piqued my interest more than seeing avocados are consumed as savoury meal. Pizza, pasta, salads, and mashed on top of toast, I just can’t get my head around it as growing up in South East Asia, my association to avocado is it being a sweet dessert, usually either as avocado smoothie, avocado ice cream, or eaten with sweet condensed milk.

Fast forward to now, I’ve embraced eating avocado in savoury applications but this fun fact stayed with me and is still a conversation starter with a lot of my Australian friends. Funnily enough, it is almost a reverse situation now, as the influence of Asian cuisine is now widely accepted in Australia, Asian restaurants naturally start serving Asian desserts, and often you would see avocado smoothie, and for them, the idea of having avocado as dessert is just, well… weird.

(Photo credit: Sillero)

The reactions are also varied, some are simply loving it, some dislikes it, and there are few who already lost the battle before it even begun as they can’t get past the idea of avocado being good dessert material. For me, in order to convert people who won’t eat avocado as a dessert, my go to is to mix them with melted chocolate creating a light chocolate mousse. It is a bit of a cheat move as it’s basically hiding ingredients, but it may help people get past the mental barrier.

So for those of you who never considered avocado as dessert, don’t shy away from it the next time you see it in the menu

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