Slow Cooker Black Sticky Rice Porridge

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I am going traditional this time for a change, but this dish can be altered easily. Traditionally consumed as snack or dessert, it is a great warming aromatic comfort food. The final taste is just subtly sweet with the slightly salty coconut cream accent.


Essential components:
• Black sticky/glutinous rice, washed and drained
• Coconut cream
• Sugar, traditionally palm sugar but regular sugar is fine
• Salt
• Pandan leaf, if you can’t find it, use vanilla extract. Bruise and tie the pandan leaf into a knot

Slow Cooker Method:
• Mix rice, pandan leaf, sugar and water in slow cooker. I used the ratio of 1 part rice: 2/3 part sugar : 4 part water
• Cook on high for 4 hours (check the liquid situation halfway, you may need to add more (or remove) water depending on the brand and other factors)
• Serve with the coconut cream topping

Regular Method:
• Mix rice, pandan leaf, sugar and water in a pot
• Bring to a boil and lower the heat to cook the rice gently until done, be careful of running out of liquid, just add more water if necessary

Coconut cream topping:
• In a small pot or saucepan, mix the coconut cream, the pandan knot, and a pinch of salt together
• Cook on low heat just to warm the cream and steep the pandan (takes about 5-10 minutes)

Tips and thoughts:
• The final consistency is quite close to a slightly runny risotto, it shouldn’t be soupy but it shouldn’t be as thick as an oatmeal
• Pandan essence is available in Asian grocer, but I found them smell more like roasted coconut more than pandan
• You can go the Indian route and go with cardamom as your main flavouring and it will work very nicely as well- think rice pudding


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