Prawn and Green Pepper pizza

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Ok, we have our dough and we have our pizza sauce, we can now assemble the pizza:

Essential components:
• Pizza dough
• Pizza sauce
• Green bellpepper/capsicum
• Cheese
• Prawns, cleaned, heads and tails removed
• Salt and pepper

• Preheat your oven to the highest setting (I am baking my pizza on the back of my cast iron pan, so I am heating it up in there too)
• Flatten the dough- making sure that you flour the bottom of the dough so it doesn’t stick. Rolling pin works, but you can also just slowly use your finger/knuckles to spread it thin
• Assemble the pizza, top with salt and pepper
• Bake in the oven (It took me about 12 minutes on the top rack)

Tips and thoughts:
• I added some ground cumin and black pepper into my pizza dough in this particular application
• I used the back of my cast iron pan to bake this pizza because I don’t own a pizza stone, I just lightly flour the cast iron as well as the bottom of the dough so I don’t have problem retrieving the pizza after
• You can also brush oil to the edge of the pizza to create that golden crusty look, I didn’t do it because I don’t like greasy crust
• Another method to cook the pizza is to oil your cast iron pan, place the pizza in the pan and start the cooking on the stove before moving it into the oven. This will create a really brown bottom of the pizza


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