Sardine Tapenade on Rye

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Tapenade is basically savoury spread. The most well known one is probably the olive tapenade, which is black olives chopped and made into a paste. It may not be the sexiest looking food you’ll ever see, but it is quite delicious and while I don’t usually touch upon nutrition and health in this blog, this dish is a superfood boost that makes a good light meal anytime. The strong flavour of the olives produces little salty sensations while the avocado keeps everything fresh and help mask what’s left of the fishiness from the sardine.


Essential components:
• Canned sardine in olive oil- I highly recommend brisling variety, this is not a brand but the fish variety. Brislings are smaller and I found to be less fishy. Most sardine cans will mention brisling if it’s one and tend to be a bit more expensive.
• Black olives
• Avocado
• Garlic- chopped
• Rye bread

From the pantry:
• Mild vinegar (I’m using rice wine vinegar)
• Olive oil
•Salt and pepper

• Toast your bread as your preference (You can also brush them with olive oil first, but please adhere to kitchen safety if you’re doing this and do not use your toaster, use the oven, do it on top of the pan, or do what I do and use a sandwich press)
• Mix sardine, olive, pepper, vinegar and garlic in a food processor (add more olive oil if necessary but I didn’t need to)
• Mash avocado and spread it on top of the bread
• Add the sardine mix on top and serve

Tips and thoughts:
• Other vinegars you can use: sherry vinegar, apple cider vinegar- failing that, there’s always lemon juice
• Play around with your own favourite ratio, I like having about 1:1 ratio for the fish and olives, and less garlic, remember the garlic is raw and too much raw garlic is unpleasant
• Not keen on looking at how the tapenade’s appearance? Slap another piece of bread on top and you have a sandwich
• You can just chop everything finely instead of using food processor



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  1. ginasjoys says:

    Mouth watering in my book. 🙂

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