Spicy Fried Rice

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This fried rice gets its vibrant colour from the Indonesian Balado Sauce, which is a cooked paste of tomato and chili pepper. It is a sauce used in a lot of Indonesian cooking with basically  everything from fish to boiled egg. I have done one balado recipe before and I’m sure more will come in the future. The key to make it work with rice though, is cooking the sauce until most of the liquid evaporate, otherwise you’ll end up with messy, sticky rice instead of fried rice


Essential components:
• Diced tomato (Canned is fine)
• Onion (using shallot will be more authentic)
• Large red chili pepper (take the seeds and white membrane out)
• Cooked white rice

Other components:
• Salt and sugar
• Sweet soy sauce/Kecap manis
• Oil

• Bitter beans/petai/sator (fresh or frozen is best for this)
• Spring onion/green onion, cut to small pieces
• Green of your choice, cut into small pieces – preferably Asian green, in my case I’m using Choy Sum/Chinese mustard

• In a food processor, mix diced tomato, garlic, onion/shallot, large chili peppers, a pinch of salt and sugar and blend
• Cook the sauce in a little bit of oil in a wok/pan (be careful of splashbacks), cook until most of the liquid is gone but don’t let it burn
• Add the rice and mix thoroughly, cook for a few minutes, make sure to have no clumps
• Add the bitter beans and choy sum, season with salt, pepper, and sweet soy sauce, cook until the vegetables are ready
• Finall add the chopped spring onions, mix and serve- top with fried shallots if you like

Tips and thoughts:
• If you don’t have a lot of experience cooking fried rice, there are few tips you can use: 1. Use cold rice/day old rice. This will ensure the rice is not as soft. 2. Oil the rice or sprinkle a little bit of water on the cooked rice and separate them before adding to the wok.


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