Spiced Cauliflower with Frankfurter

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This dish is influenced by the Indian cooking style, which we will do one day in this blog, in the meantime, please enjoy this ‘fusion’ recipe. Having frank sausages in a spiced cauliflower dish may sound weird, but it adds chewy and slightly crispy texture to contrast the soft cauliflower


Essential components:
• Frankfurter, cut into bite size
• Cauliflower cut to small chunks

The  spices:
• Cumin seeds
• Turmeric powder
• Chopped garlic
• Chopped ginger

From the pantry:
• Salt
• Oil

• Cook the cumin, garlic and ginger in a little bit of oil- do not let them burn
• Add the frankfurters and cook until they are browned without letting the spice burn (see below)
• Add the cauliflower, turmeric, salt, and a little bit of water- close the lid and cook until the cauliflower is ready (Shake the pan once in awhile)
• Taste for final seasoning and serve

Tips and thoughts:
• There are few ways to make sure the spice not burn,
1. You can remove the spice from the pan.
2. In my case, I was cooking on a medium low heat and my pan was large enough that there are cold spots on the pan so I can ‘set them aside’.
3. You can reverse the process and cook the franks first and then the spices.

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