Rosemary Sour


Components: (for 1)
• 2 parts bourbon
• 1 part lemon juice
• rosemary leaves from 1 long stalk (30cm/12 in)
• 2 teaspoons sugar
• Ice cubes

• Gently muddle the rosemary leaf and sugar together
• Mix with bourbon, lemon juice, and ice cubes, stir and shake vigorously
• Strain and serve with ice

Tips and thoughts:
• Muddling is the act of mashing ingredients together, usually using a wooden stick
• Do not overmuddle the rosemary. The flavour they impart is so strong you don’t want it to overpower the drink. They also gets bitter if they release too much of their sap
• You can also create a rosemary sugar syrup instead, but this is faster and I found the flavour is just perfect without being too overpowering


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