Tuna curry

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Observe the picture below, specifically the ingredients. The first 3 items are the most important ingredients in the whole dish and if you have a well stocked pantry, you probably have them. The vegetations are simply whatever I can find on the day, you can even use frozen stuff. This is one of those recipes that originated on the day when I had leftover vegetables and I just needed to use them.


Essential components from a well stocked pantry:
• Canned coconut cream/milk- do not shake the can
• Canned chunky tuna
• Curry paste (In this case I’m using Thai red curry paste, but you can use curry powder, sambals, or any sort of seasoning mixes)

Vegetation: (Use whatever is available, but these are what I’m using)
• Cauliflower cut into bite size pieces
• Bok choy cut into small pieces
• Thai basil (you want a strong herb to cut into the thickness of the curry, regular basil is fine)

Additional components from the pantry:
• Sugar
• Salt and pepper
• Vinegar (I used rice wine vinegar)
• Chili paste/powder
• Fish sauce (or mushroom sauce)
• Oil

• Open the canned coconut milk (I know you all know how to open canned food but bear with me here).
• If you kept the can unagitated, the top part of the coconut milk should be the cream and the bottom bit is the water, scoop as much of the cream into a pot, followed with the curry paste- the goal here is to fry the paste in the coconut cream.
• Add the vegetables except the basil and mix to coat them with the curry mixture.
• Add the rest of the coconut water and extra water (or stock) into the pot, bring to a simmer.
• Taste and adjust with sugar, fish sauce, pepper, vinegar, chili, and salt. You just have to keep tasting to reach the taste balance- this also differs every time depending on your curry paste (In my case I didn’t have to add any vinegar, sugar or salt but I used the rest.) Cook until the vegetables are almost ready.
• Add the tuna and stir gently, you want to separate the tuna so they can be coated by the broth, but you don’t want to break the tuna more than needed that they turn into mush, simmer only briefly.
• Lastly, fold in the basil and serve.




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