Casiu Fried Rice

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Casiu pork, is  Chinese sweet barbecue pork. Characterized by its deep red colour, it is a time consuming and delicious dish. We are not going to make our own Casiu pork today, but we are going to use them into fried rice. Also apology for the bad photo for this post.

Casiu Fried Rice DONE

Essential components:
• Casiu pork – cut into small pieces
• Cooked rice – cold is preferable
• Garlic, sliced into thin pieces
• Spring onion/Scallion sliced
• Bean sprout

From the pantry:
• White pepper
• Sugar
• Soy sauce
• Salt
•Vegetable oil

• Get your pan/wok smoking hot, then add oil, and fry the garlic and half of the spring onion briefly
• Add the chopped casiu pork and mix, add sugar and soy sauce- we are doing this to boost the flavour of the casiu- cook until everything is mixed well
• Add the rice and mix with the ‘sauce’ in the bottom, add salt and pepper to taste. If you feel like the rice needs more soysauce, add it too
• Cook the rice until they’re a bit dry, but not burnt
• Add the bean sprouts and the other half of the spring onion and mix them into the hot rice to cook briefly

Tips and thoughts:
• The key to a good fried rice is to separate all the grains, no clumps please
• Try other sauces that are natural combination with casiu like plum sauce/hoisin sauce instead of just soy sauce when infusing the casiu with more flavour



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