Eggdrop Tofu soup

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I’m not sure what to call this dish. Originally I was thinking of calling it ‘braised tofu and egg’ or ‘stewed tofu with egg’ but naming a dish stew implies long braising time, bold reduced flavour, and this dish isn’t any of those. This is the kind of tofu dish you see in a bainmarie in a Chinese takeout. It is still soupy while being thickened using egg and cornstarch, and the final flavour is a straightforward one.


Essential components:
• Soft tofu, cubed
• Egg, beaten lightly
• Scallion/spring onion chopped
• Garlic, sliced

From the pantry:
• Chicken stock (powder)
• Salt and pepper
• Chinese rice wine
• Cornstarch, mixed in water

• In a wok/pan, add oil and spring onion/scallion and garlic and sweat (cook on lower temperature)
• Add a splash of the rice wine
• Add the tofu gently
• Add hot water and chicken stock and cook gently until you reach a simmer- do not stir the pot or your tofu will break too much
• Add the cornstarch mixture to slightly thicken the soup and mix gently
• Drizzle the egg into the soup and mix (do it in batches if you need to), let the egg cook for a few seconds
• Check for final seasoning and add salt/pepper if necessary
• Top with more scallion/spring onion and serve

Tips and thoughts:
• If you prefer, you can lightly boil the tofu before using to prevent too much breakage, I actually prefer having few pieces of the tofu break into the soup
• You can actually omit the sweating step and just place the spring onion into the stock and it will still be a fine dish. You don’t want to boil garlic though- replace it with ginger instead



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