Fresh Kale Smoothie

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Not trying to jump on to the kale bandwagon here, but good food is good food right? So here’s one of my regular kale smoothie recipe. This smoothie is not too sweet while having only a slight hint of the raw grassy aftertaste. It is a kale smoothie that’s palatable. All the sweetness comes from the pear and banana, I use no sugar, honey, or anything else. You do need a good blender for this otherwise your smoothie will not be… well… smooth.


Essential components:
• Asian style sugarless soymilk. I use about half a cup in this- use more if you want your smoothie thinner (see below)
• 1 Asian pear/Nashi pear, peeled and cut to pieces
• 1 piece of kale leaf – stalk removed, then chopped into small pieces
• 1 ripe banana cut into pieces

• Place all ingredients in blender and blend for a few minutes until smooth

Tips and thoughts:
• I use sugarless soymilk from Asian grocer, there are only 2 ingredients, soybean and water. If you can’t find this, feel free to use the western style soymilk. Western style soymilk however tend to emulate the thickness of regular milk, so you may need to dilute it with ice or water.
• All fruits taste the different, as much I prefer the natural not too sweet smoothie flavour, some people may want additional sugar/honey in this (Or use sweet soymilk)
• The ripest bananas are the ones with a lot of browning on the peel
• 1 piece of kale leaf is enough for a serve, it may not look like it when you’re preparing everything, but it will turn the whole smoothie green


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