Pantry check – Canned Tomato

I always have 2 cans of tomato in my pantry. A lot of dishes require diced tomatoes as base, and I found using canned tomatoes to be not only practical, but also more reliable. Let’s face it, when’s the last time you’ve bought a really ripe tomato in the grocer? I know I also don’t grow my own tomato. Enter canned tomato, affordable and practical- and its flavour is easy to adjust.

Taste your canned tomato everytime, often I need to add a little bit of vinegar to amp up the acidity and a little bit of sugar for the sweetness. I’m usually using plain cheap white vinegar for any application where the tomatoes are going to be cooked after, but use something less pungent like rice wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar if something more subtler required.

In pasta sauces or stews, I tend to fold in tomato ketchup and puree too in order to increase its ‘tomato-ey’ flavour. Always try to cook your tomato with a little bit of alcohol as science has proven that there are flavour compounds in tomato that can only be unlocked with introduction of alcohol (Thank you Harold McGee)

Pasta dishes, curries, stews, sambals- keep a canned tomato with you always
Try this vodka pasta recipe

(Photo credit: Recuero)

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