Vegetable Soup with Frankfurters

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A simple homestyle cooking using basic ingredients. This soup is great in cold days without being too heavy. The saltiness of the frankfurters counters the naturals sweetness of the vegetable creating this melange of flavour.


Essential components:
• Onion cut into large chunks
• Frankfurter cut into bite size pieces
• Green bean, cut into bite size pieces
• Carrot diced into cubes
• Celery stalk diced into cubes
• Celery leaves roughly chopped

From the pantry:
• Salt, pepper
• Nutmeg, grated
• Stock
• Small pinch of sugar just to balance the soup stock if necessary
Essential components:
• Oil (Olive oil is recommended)

• In a pot, sweat onion and the frankfurters until the sausages are slightly browned
• Add the carrot and celery pieces and sweat a little more
• Add water/chicken stock, pepper, sugar, and nutmeg, increase the heat and cook until you reach a boil and then lower to a simmer. Adjust seasoning if necessary.
• Serve with fried shallots

Tips and thoughts:
• ‘Sweating’ is simply cooking the ingredients with a little bit of oil on low temperature


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