Wasabi Cucumber Sandwich

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Yeah, it’s a sandwich. So what? It’s good. No one will expect wasabi in a cucumber sandwich but it works really well. The end result should be a refreshing cucumber sandwich with a slight kick from the wasabi. In this version we will be using instant wasabi (real wasabi is practically impossible to find unless you’re in Japan… or New Zealand)


Essential components:
• Bread – traditionally white, try the Japanese milk bread if you can find one
• Wasabi paste
• Butter (room temperature)
• Cucumber (sliced)
• Japanese mayo (you can use regular mayo, but the Japanese variety is amazing if you can find one)

• Mix mayo with wasabi paste to taste- remember that the final taste will be slightly muted due to the combination of all of the ingredients
• Spread butter on one piece of the bread and wasabi mayo mix on the other
• Add the cucumber
• Assemble your sandwich

Tips and thoughts:
• I kept the crust, but some people are adamant about not having crust on cucumber sandwiches


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