Tofu in Aromatic Broth

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This is a simple nourishing soup that’s perfect for a cold night. It is also a one pot meal with very low risk of screwing up, so it makes a very beginner friendly meal that is tasty.

Essential components:
• Coriander/Cilantro
• Celery sliced thinly
• Straw mushroom (You can substitute this with any oriental mushroom)
• Ginger sliced thinly
• Tofu sliced into chunks – I’m using soft tofu, but medium softness is also good

From the pantry and other stuff:
• Salt and pepper
• Stock
• Chinese rice wine
• Soy sauce
• Sugar

• In a pot or wok, place the tofu, mushroom, ginger, stock, generous amount of rice wine, a small drop of soy sauce and turn on the heat
• Season with salt if needed, pepper and a little pinch of sugar
• Add more water or stock until most of the components are submerged, then cook until boiling reached
• Add the celery slices and let it reach the boil again, then turn down the heat to a gentle simmer and cook for few more minutes until the celery reached your desired texture
• Taste and adjust the seasoning, then serve

Tips and thoughts:
• The cilantro/coriander will be wilted by the end of cooking, but the aroma would have been absorbed by the broth, you don’t have to serve the leaves at this stage but it’s my guilty pleasure to eat them anyway
• I personally prefer my celery to still be crunchy in this dish so there are different textures when you’re eating the soup. If you like your celery soft, you can add it in the beginning to safe time

Tofu in Vegetable Broth




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