Chicken Noodle Stirfry

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This is a simple stir fry noodle dish with mushroom soy sauce as the main flavoring component. Mushroom soy sauce is basically a vegetarian alternative to fish sauce. It has a strong aroma and flavor. Even when used only in small amount it is enough to add complexity to the dish.

Essential components:
• Egg noodle, I’m using pre-cooked variety, if you’re using different ones, please cook them to a point of halfway cooked
• Chicken, cut into bite pieces, thigh or breast
• Bean sprouts

Other stuff:
• Garlic, chopped
• Mushroom soy sauce or fish sauce
• Rice wine
• Salt and pepper
• Roughly chopped cilantro/coriander for topping
• Oil

• First separate the noodles, if using this pre steamed noodle variety, you only need to run them through hot water and they will be good for cooking
• In a small wok/skillet, add oil and chicken and a pinch of salt, cook the chicken for about 3 minutes, halfway through add the garlic pieces (If we add the garlic too early they may burn)
• Add a small splash of rice wine just to deglaze, cook for about 20-30 seconds, then add the noodle
• Add the mushroom soy sauce and the sprouts, then mix, taste, season with more mushroom soy, salt and pepper if necessary, and cook for about another 30 seconds or so
• Top with chopped cilantro and mix, then serve

Tips and thoughts:
• The sprouts and cilantro don’t need to be cooked, they just need to be very lightly wilted

chicken noodle stir fry

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