Poached Calamari Salad

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This is a simple salad with strong Asian flavors. The calamari is lightly cooked to keep it tender while crunchy celery is used to contrast the soft texture of the calamari. A lot of aromatic components like ginger, cilantro, and mushroom soy sauce are used to complete the dish. The key to making this dish is to prepare everything before you start cooking.

Essential components:
• Calamari tube, cut into small rings
• Cilantro/coriander, chopped
• Celery, sliced into thin pieces

From the pantry and other stuff:
• Red chili sliced
• Mushroom soy sauce (You can use fish sauce, but I prefer mushroom soy sauce)
• Ginger, grated
• Vinegar, I’m using rice vinegar

• Start by preparing everything
• Prepare the dressing, in a bowl mix rice vinegar, mushroom soy, chili, cilantro and grated ginger. Taste and adjust, make sure that it has got a strong taste because this is the only flavoring for the dish
• Heat water in a small pot, when it reaches a boil, turn the heat off
• Drop the calamari rings into the hot water, the moment they turn white (this will take literally only a few seconds), remove and drain
• Mix the calamari with the dressing. You can serve immediately or chill and serve it cold

Tips and thoughts:
• It is very important not to overcook the calamari or they will be chewy
• Unlike a western green salads, you do want to overdress this dish, the calamari itself doesn’t have much taste, so you need a good amount of dressing for it

calamari salad

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