Vegetarian Udon Soup

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This is a basic udon soup dish. Udon is one type of Japanese rice noodle, characterized by its white color and thick chewy texture. The concept for this dish is to create a base broth to cook everything while keeping an eye for the different cooking times of each ingredients.

Essential components:
• Udon noodle, I’m using fresh, if using dried variety follow the instructions on the packet
• Carrot sliced thin
• Tofu cut into bite size
• Baby broccoli cut into bite size pieces
• Straw mushrooms, halved (I’m using canned)

Pantry items and other stuff:
• Vegetable stock, I’m using powder
• Soy sauce
• Salt, sugar, pepper
• Ginger, sliced

• Fill a pot with vegetable stock, turn the heat on and add ginger into the pot, taste and season as necessary with salt, pepper, and a little bit of sugar
• When the stock boils, put the udon in, once it separates, remove, drain, and place into the serving bowl, add a dash of soy sauce onto the noodle (They don’t take long, the ones I’m using is basically cooked already)
• Add the vegetables. I like having my carrots a little crunchy in this dish, so I added them in together with the baby broccoli pieces, if you prefer your carrots to be soft, then you need to cook them longer. Once cooked, drain and place into the serving bowl with the noodle
• Last, add the tofu and mushroom into the stock, they don’t need to be cooked, but they need to be heated up, once done, drain and place into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients
• Ladle the soup into the bowl and serve

Tips and thoughts:
• You can of course cook everything together since udon is generally not starchy so it won’t cloud nor thicken the broth, just pay attention on the cooking time of each ingredient

veg udon

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