Wilted Spinach with Anchovy and Cashew

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This is a variation on a Japanese side dish, I’m using cashew to add texture and added anchovy for a another layer of intense flavor. Makes a great appetizer or just pair it with steamed rice.

Essential components:
• Few pieces of anchovies
• Spinach, I’m using pre-chopped frozen one
• Cashew nuts

Pantry items and other stuff:
• Red chili
• Soy sauce

• Roast the cashew if using raw ones, I usually set the oven to 150-160 C (300-320 F) for about 15-20 minutes, this is the only step that takes awhile to do
• Roughly crush the nuts, you don’t want them to be pulverized, you want chunks
• In boiling water, cook the spinach until bright green and wilted (about 30 seconds), then quickly remove and add into a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking
• Drain the spinach and squeeze gently (If using fresh whole spinach, then chop them into small pieces after squeezing)
• Add soy sauce to the spinach and mix, then add chopped anchovies and nuts and mix everything
• Top with slices of chili and serve

Tips and thoughts:
• Feel free to remove the anchovies if you want to keep this a vegetarian affair
• You can use other nuts or seeds, but keep it simple, choices include pine nuts or sunflower seeds
• Remember that if you’re using fresh spinach, to cook them whole then chop it after cooking instead of the other way around to prevent excess nutrients leeching out

spinach anchovy

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