Green Bean Stir Fry with Minced Beef

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This is a basic stir fry recipe. An example of how you can go back to the basics and just cook simple food with good taste.

Essential components:
• Green beans/string beans
• Minced beef
• Onion, diced

Pantry items and other stuff:
• Oil
• Soy sauce
• Sugar
• Red chili for garnish
• Pepper

• Prepare the beans by removing the tops (and the tails if necessary)
• In a hot pan, add oil, then the beans, cook until it change color to vibrant green (about 30 seconds or so depending on the heat, size of the beans, etc), then set aside
• (Add oil if necessary) then add the onion into the pan, cook until slightly translucent, then add the meat and cook until brown
• Add soy sauce, pepper, sugar, then taste
• Serve the meat on top of the cooked beans, garnish with chili

Tips and thoughts:
• If you don’t care about having the meat on top of the beans, you can just cook the meat, then add the beans (cut into shorter length) into the pan and cook them together
• For more flavor, add garlic and ginger

bean stir fry

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