Fennel and Tomato Salad

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A simple fresh salad with simple flavor. Best done when fennel is in season, if you want something similar and couldn’t find fennel, substitute with celery

Essential components:
• Fennel, cut into thin slices (The thinner the better if your fennel doesn’t deliver in flavor, mine was bought at peak season so it is quite sweet and I managed to get away with slightly thicker slices)
• Tomato, I’m using cherry tomatoes, halved, if using regular ones, cut them into chunks, you may want to remove the core and seeds so the dish doesn’t turn watery
• Lemon
• Soy sauce

Other stuff:
• Fresh basil cut into thin strips
• Salt and pepper

• Mix soy sauce with lemon juice, I like to use half half, or more lemon than soy, but it’s up to you
• Combine tomatoes and fennel, add the dressing on top, serve

Tips and thoughts:
• Sharp Asian herbs like Vietnamese mint or basil also make a good addition to this dish.
• Another herb that matches the fennel’s taste is dill




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