Spaghetti Neapolitan

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Spaghetti Neapolitan (Naporitan), as Italian as the name, I am referring to the Yoshoku, the Japanese take on western food, so nothing Italian down here. The recipe came from the desire to consume western food with limited ingredients, which in the end transformed the food into its own unique genre within the Japanese cuisine.

Essential components:
• Processed meat, I’m using frankfurter, sliced to bite size pieces
• Spaghetti
• Onion cut into chunks
• Green capsicum/bellpepper cut into chunks

Pantry items and other stuff:
• Tomato Ketchup
• Worcester sauce (I’m using the Japanese kind, but regular is fine too)
• Salt, sugar, pepper
• Oil

• Cook the pasta as per the instruction
• About 4-5 minutes before the pasta is ready, start cooking. In a hot pan add oil, then add onions and frankfurter pieces, cook until the onions are a bit translucent
• Add the green capsicum and cook for a little bit more (I like my capsicum a little bit more crunchy that’s why I added them later, if not you can add them all together)
• Add the cooked pasta into the pan, add a lot of tomato ketchup and a swig of the worcester sauce (You may want to lower the heat now so the pasta doesn’t get overcooked)
• Mix and season, I usually only add black pepper in the end, no other seasoning is necessary
• Top with cheese if preferred, then serve

Tips and thoughts:
• Japanese worcester is a bit different than the western one in that it is made from vegetable and fruits, flavor-wise it’s very similar to the western counterpart
• You can use ham, all sorts of sausages, spiced ham products etc for this


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