Dan Dan noodle

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Dan Dan noodle is a humble comforting street food. It’s a noodle dish in a nutty, spicy sauce, topped with minced pork. Let’s break this dish into components to simplify the process. You have cooked noodle, mixed with the spicy sauce, topped with the minced pork; That’s the essence of it.

Essential components:
• Egg noodle
• Minced pork
• Chopped lettuce (This isn’t traditional, but I like it)
• Soy sauce

The sauce:
• Chili oil (The better quality of chili oil you’re using, the better the dish will be, I’m using one infused with Szechuan pepper)
• Soy sauce
• Sesame dressing (If you can’t find this, or don’t want to buy one, use tahini/peanut butter with dugar and vinegar, you want a nutty sauce with slight acidity and sweetness)
• Vinegar (I’m using black vinegar)
• A small amount of chicken bouillon powder

Other components:

• Start by cooking the noodle
• In a hot pan, add oil, then the mince meat. Cook and break them apart until the meat is browned
• Add soysauce, pepper, and sugar. You want to have a strong flavor in the meat, so taste
• Mix the sauce together, taste, adjust, and toss the noodle into it, and mix well
• Assemble the meal: the noodle in the bottom, top with the meat and the lettuce, serve

Tips and thoughts:
• Spring onion/green onion is a good addition to this dish
• Some people like to add chopped raw garlic into the sauce, be careful that raw garlic can kill a person’s palate if not managed well, if you want extra heat, I suggest ginger or Szechuan pepper instead
• Sprouts would also be a good addition if you want more vegetable for this dish
• Experiment with the sauce, I’ve seen a recipe that combines up to 12 different components in the sauce
dan dan

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  1. Cat says:

    Looks delicious!

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