Fried glass noodle

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There are variations of stir fried glass noodle all over the Asian subcontinent, the most famous probably in Korea known as Japchae (even though technically it’s not the same type of noodle). It is a simple and healthy dish due to the amount of vegetables in it, feel free to add or substract ingredients as you wish and create your own.

Essential components:
• Glass noodle, also known as mung bean noodle or cellophane noodle – NOT rice vermicelli
• Chicken, cut into bite size pieces
• Shrimp/prawn meat
• Shiitake, sliced (I prefer dried ones)
• Carrots cut into matchstick
• Napa cabbage/wombok
• Scallion/spring onion

Pantry item:
• Garlic, chopped (Use quite a bit of garlic, it should be one of the main flavours)
• Salt
• White pepper
• Cooking oil
• Sweet soy sauce/kecap manis
• Shaoshing rice wine

• Prepare the glass noodle by soaking them in warm water until they’re soft then put aside
• Heat up the pan on high heat and add some oil (a bit more than you think you’d need), add the garlic, then cook the chicken and prawns
• Add the rice wine (again, use more than you think you’d need), let it cook for a moment, then add all the vegetables, let it cook
• At this point you can lower the heat because everything is cooked and you only need to add the noodle and season everything
• Add the glass noodle, season with salt, pepper, and sweet soy sauce until you reach the flavour profile you want (It should be sweet with enough saltiness)

Tips and Thought:
• Unless you really take your time, there should be just enough liquid throughout the cooking of this dish until the last stage, so that is somewhat of a safety net from burning
• The rice wine should be flavour component. It’s not just for a deglazing, sometimes I would add it even more during seasoning near the end- make sure you let it cook a bit more if you do this though
• For those who never tried glass noodle before, don’t expect al dente, they’re quite soft but not in the overcooked way

fried glass noodle

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