Creamy mushroom pasta

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This is a basic recipe for a creamy pasta dish. I’m using mushroom in this example, but you can easily swap the mushroom with something else like chicken or bacon. I’m also keeping everything ‘frill-free’ so there’s a lot of room for improvisation. What’s important here is the general technique of cooking this kind of dish.

Essential components:
• Pasta
• Sliced button mushroom
• Garlic, sliced
• Cream

From the pantry and other optional:
• Salt and pepper
• White wine (optional)
• Cheese, shaved or grated (optional)
• Dried Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, basil, or thyme (optional)

• Start by cooking the pasta in salted boiling water
• With a little bit of oil in the pan, add the garlic and mushroom, also add a pinch of salt
• Let the mushroom cook until they’re browned, there’s a lot of water in mushrooms so cook them for at least 2-3 minutes
• If using white wine, add a splash into the pan and cook for a few seconds
• Add the cooked pasta and cream into the pan. Lower the heat and cook shortly just to warm the cream, you don’t want it to split. If you need to thin the sauce, just add a little bit of the pasta water as well. Mix well
• Taste and do a final seasoning using salt, pepper, and dried herbs if necessary; Don’t get too excited with the herbs, you only want a small hint of it
• Serve and top with cheese if you prefer

Tips and thoughts:
• The best thing to do is to time the cooking of the pasta with the sauce so they’re practically ready at the same time. Usually halfway through cooking the dried pasta is when I start cooking the sauce. They tend to line up quite well. It is better to lower the heat in the saucepan and wait for the pasta to cook rather than the other way around.
• Other ingredients that go well with this recipe: chili, chicken, asparagus, scallion, spinach, bacon, ham, turkey, olives, shellfish, prawn, etc. I don’t usually use more than 2 maximum protein per dish as having too many things in a simply dish like this doesn’t necessarily make a good pasta
• The worst thing you can do in this recipe is letting the cream split during cooking. This happen when you cook the cream with high heat. If you’re using room temperature cream, once you add it into the pan, you can just turn the heat off and let the heat’s residue finish the job. This is why it’s really ideal if you can line up cooking of the pasta and the sauce together. If using cream straight out of the fridge, you definitely need to heat it up a little bit, but as it warms up quite quickly, remember to lower the heat when you start seeing signs of simmering

creamy fungi pasta


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