Mango frozen yogurt

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An easy dessert, however it does require a good blender to create.

• Plain yogurt (I used Greek yogurt)
• Frozen mango
• Maple syrup
• Ginger powder (optional)

• Place the maple syrup, yogurt, and the ginger powder into the blender. Blend, taste, add more syrup or ginger until desired flavour is acquired
• Add the frozen mango and blend
• Serve

• There are almost unlimited combinations that you can do with this dish, instead of frozen mango you can use frozen berries; instead of maple syrup you can use honey, spiced syrup, etc;
• I treated the ginger powder as the ‘accent’ of the dish, it should only have a hint of presence without being overpowering at all. If you don’t like ginger, you can also use other strong accents like mint for example. Just make sure it matches your frozen fruit variety.
• The reason why you want to do the blending twice instead of once with all the ingredients is because the frozen fruits will drop the temperature of the yogurt, which will make blending slightly more difficult
• Unless you’re using a small blender, you will probably have to create a large amount of this dish because otherwise it will not blend. If this is the case, freeze the rest for future consumption.

froyo mango


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