Chicken teriyaki

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This is the most basic version of a chicken teriyaki dish. In essence, there’re only 2 components; The chicken, and the sauce. The cooking technique is also extremely simple with only 1 small burning risk in the end.

Essential Components:
• Chicken thigh fillet, breast is fine but will need more prep work. Skin or skinless doesn’t matter

Teriyaki sauce:
• 1 part sugar
• 1 part Japanese soy sauce
• 1 part sake
• 1 part mirin

Pantry item:
• Oil

• Mix all teriyaki sauce component in a bowl and try to dilute the sugar as much as you can- taste and adjust it if neccesary
• Prep the chicken: do some cuts to the chicken to even the thickness as much as possible, then using a fork prick the chicken all over (this is where it’s a bit more difficult if you’re using breast because it’s very uneven compared to thigh fillet)
• High heat on, drop a small amount of oil to coat your pan (pan with flat and wide surface area recommended)
• In with the chicken straight away, then drop the heat to medium, cook for 4-5 minutes (if you’re using chicken with skin, skin side first please). You don’t need to move the chicken around, just make sure there’s oil under the chicken so it cooks evenly
• Flip the chicken and cook for another 3-4 minutes (if using chicken with skin, there will be a lot of chicken fat rendered out into the pan, you may want to use a pair of tongs and kitchen paper and remove them)
• Pour the teriyaki sauce onto the chicken, at this stage the dish can burn due to the soy sauce and sugar content, if you think the heat’s too high, lower it at times
• Cook until the sauce reduce and the chicken is shiny (usually about 2-3 minutes but depending on the amount of sauce). You want to make sure that the chicken gets even coverage of the sauce so either baste the chicken with the sauce often, flip it a few times, or you can also tilt the pan like in the picture
• Serve

• You can cut the chicken into small pieces if you prefer
• Alternatively, cook as above, but once both sides are cooked, take it out and cut into pieces before placing back to the pan with the sauce
• In the most basic sense, teriyaki sauce can be made with just soy sauce and sugar if necessary, if this is the case you have to add water to dilute the taste and the sugar content to prevent burning



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