Mash peas and potatoes

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Mashing peas into potatoes not only add nutrition to the meal, it’s also an effortless way to impress people when you cook for them.

Essential Components:
• Potatoes, peeled and cut into medium chunks (In this photo I used 2 large ones and are enough for 2-4 people)
• Peas- I use the frozen variety, you want about half the amount of the potatoes
• Small dollop of butter (I use less than half of what’s shown in the photo)

Pantry items and optionals:
• Salt
• Pepper
• Mint
• Lemon zest
• Cheese

• Cook your potatoes so they’re ready to be mashed. You can boil them, I go the lazy way and just nuke them in the microwave covered in water for about 20 minutes
• Drain your potatoes, and pour some of the hot microwaved water onto the frozen peas just to thaw them, then drain (You only need a few seconds)
• Place the drained peas into a food processor and blitz away
• Add the processed peas onto the potatoes, add butter, and mash – season if needed
• Serve on its own or as a side

• Mix in lemon zest for that chefy feel
• Finish with grated/shaved cheese for even more flavour (mixing cheese in for this recipe can be overkill), thinly sliced mint also matches well with peas if you prefer

Tips and Thought:
• You don’t need to use salted water for the potatoes
• If you don’t have a food processor, don’t worry about that step and just mix everything and mash away, you will simply end up with a slightly less mashed peas
• You can crush the peas using other methods, but why make life difficult when you don’t have to? ^_^
• If your potatoes end up too watery, it means you either cut them too small or cooked them too long


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