Pantry check – Frozen peas

“Never thaw a bag of frozen peas”

Ah frozen peas, you are one of my favourite pantry item. Such flexible ingredient can be added to almost anything without adding much cooking time. Did I mention they’re cheap as well?

I am 100% a frozen peas supporter. The fresh ones perish quickly, a hassle to prepare, and these days are way more expensive. The frozen goodness on the other hand are easily accessible, ridiculously cheap, ready in seconds, and they retain all the nutrients due to the snap freeze technology. The frozen ones are also harvested when they’re at optimum condition.

The key for handling a big bag of frozen peas is to NEVER thaw or defrost them. They are that convenient. Simply use them frozen in most instances. Thawing and defrosting a whole bag actually ruins the quality of the entire batch.

Add them to stir fries, soups, sauces… anything. The peas are happy to take the major role or be a simple side while adding extra nutrition to your meal. If you’ve grown to hate peas due to drab green lump of mushy ones, erase that from your thought, give peas a chance and cook with them- perhaps one day we will even achieve world peas… I heard everyone wants that.

Behold, exhibit A below: Simple mash peas and potatoes. You literally only need 3 ingredients to create this item. Click the picture to see the recipe.

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