Fusion mushroom linguine

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Usually I’m careful not to use the word ‘fusion’ to describe food just because it seems to have been overused by so many people these days and it ends up having a negative connotation in my head whenever it is used to describe food. That aside, this is a take on a simple oil dressed pasta.

Essential Components:
• Linguine, or other pasta
• Button mushroom, sliced
• Chili, sliced (whichever variety you like, I’ve also used chili flakes and they’re fine too)
• Spring onion, sliced
• Chicken, cut into bite size pieces- alternatively, use bacon

Pantry items:
• Salt
• White pepper
• Cooking oil
• Sake, or any other light alcohol for aroma (Sherry)

• High heat, heat your pan until hot, then add a little bit of oil into it – At the same time, start cooking the pasta in salted water
• Add mushroom slicess and a pinch of salt, cook for about 2-3 minutes
• Add chicken into the pan and cook until slightly browned (depending on your pan, you may need to set the mushroom slices aside for the time being)
• Add a splash of sake to deglaze, cook for 1 minute or 2, then add spring onion, chili, salt and pepper and let cook
• Add the drained and cooked pasta and mix thoroughly
• Serve

Tips and Thought:
• You want to cook the mushroom slices for a bit, there’s a lot of water in mushrooms, they can take a lot more cooking than people think
• You want to make sure that the chicken turns brown and doesn’t steam. If your heat isn’t high enough or you don’t let the mushroom slices cook enough, the chicken will not turn brown
• I’ve actually tried adding cheese to this recipe at the end, surprisingly enjoyable and adds texture – parmesan or cheddar please
• Without the chicken, this makes a filling vegetarian meal

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